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    • If you’re really looking for the perfect portable LCD monitor, check out the AOC Envision e1649fwu. 16 inch wide screen can provide excellent resolution. This device is suitable for everything from business presentations to personal photo sharing. Its characteristics make it Compatible with many controls, units and light enough to fit in a purse or briefcase. Whatever your multimedia needs, this premium AOC product will impress you with its simple plug and play functionality. This monitor is infinitely adaptable and useful in many situations. It comes with a Smart-Flex foldable stand. Indicates that the device can be viewed in portrait or landscape orientation. When giving presentations, use horizontal viewing angles in the office to present spreadsheets and highlight data to others. If you use viral marketing and instant messaging services, apply portrait mode. Thanks to our innovative swivel design, this device adjusts the screen image, it needs to be reoriented systematically. Switching between the two is easy, and the use of a stand keeps the monitor stable. This device can also be used in tandem with other USB devices for multi-monitor PC organization with multiple connections.Which monitors. This eliminates the need for bulky additional hardware, allowing you to quickly and accurately locate external multi-monitor displays. The compact design is optimized for portability. has a 15.6mm diagonal screen and measures approximately 1.4 inches by 14.8 inches, or basically 9.3 inches by inch. It weighs just 2.3 pounds, which makes it a little better for on-site worker presentations. If you need protection for your device, it fits comfortably in any 15″ laptop bag. Its compact design makes it the perfect companion for those who travel frequently. If you’re looking for style, this device seems to have peaks. The body is a high-gloss piano-black bezel, the sheen of which complements the already slim design. It will also likely be ultra-thin, making it easy to hold and use. The flexible flip stand is never ugly unobtrusive, and it only takes a second to adjust the entire device during a presentation. This valuable device also offers excellent image quality. Has a contrast ratio500:1, which usually means brightness and brightness optimization. The aspect ratio is standard 16:9. The screen resolution is 1366,768 pixels, which makes the image clear or crisp. The refresh rate is 60Hz and the color gamut is over 16 million vibrant colors. It also has a time resolution of 5 ms, which means that this type of device can be used for higher purposes. The Display is powered by USB, eliminating the need for time-consuming external power cords. It can be connected to a PC or laptop using the included USB cable. Designed for use with Windows software, this LED backlit LCD monitor is also compatible with virtually all Windows operating systems. This portable LED-backlit LCD monitor, despite being small, has impressive image quality.

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    aoc lcd monitor e1649fwu



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    60 Hz

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    15.6 inches

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    aoc lcd monitor e1649fwu

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    15 inches.


    1 inch

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    200 cd/m²

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    Channel, LCD screen class=””>

    Colored with LED light

  • 24-bit, 7M colors)

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